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  • Bio-Fuels Trip
  • Bio-Fuels Trip Group
  • Biofuels Trip
  • Afghanistan
  • Our USAID colleague, Alexandre, on a visit to the UF campus during October 2012.
  • UF/IFAS and Shandong Agricultural University faculty together at the entrance to Shandong Agricultural University in Taian, Shandong, China during December 2012.
  • Joint symposium between University of Florida and Shandong Agricultural University in Taian, China, 4-7 December 2012.
  • (L to R) Dr. Walter Bowen, Dr. Edison Schmidt, and Dr. Steve Sargent. Dr. Edison Schmidt is a Professor from CESUMAR University in Brazil ( and coordinator for their undergraduate program in agriculture.
  • A UF/IFAS delegation visiting with Shandong Agricultural University and Kingenta Company (fertilizer) in Shandong Province, China during December 2012.
  • Gilly, Hatian Minister of Ag Thomas Jacques, Li and Gilly
  • examples of the renewable energy technologies being disseminated in western Honduras as part of our Trilateral project with USAID-ACCESO (Clockwise from left: biodigester, improved cook stove, and solar dryer)
  • A few of the farmers that UF/IFAS will be working with on a new project in Honduras.
  •  Animal Sciences and Horticulture teamed up to design the mango donkey saddle so that not only do the mangoes arrive in better condition, but the saddle is ergonomically designed for donkeys and mules. — at University of Florida.
  •  Cabbage response to fertilizer rates (Left-right: fertilizer rate Low-High)
  •  IFAS Global Photo of the Day: The Haiti Minister of Agriculture together with UF graduate students from Haiti and other representatives from the Haiti Ministry of Agriculture, USDA, and UF. (Gainesville, 08Mar2013)
  • A Greenhouse similar to those proposed for tomato plug production at Famosa with side curtain partially open. — in Haiti.
  • Demonstration of urea briquette production in Bas-Boen.
  • Mango donkey saddle — in Haiti.
  • Faculty guests from Universidad Estatal del Sur de Manabi (UNESUM), Manabi, Ecuador.
  • Donkey saddle prototype design 1 at ABE department — at University of Florida.
  • Reasearch Scholar Issah  from Ghana performing research on tomatos
  • Children getting lunch at a school near Maputo, Mozambique. The Trilateral program (Mozambique-Brazil-USA) will study opportunities for purchase of local production to improve school feeding. (Photo by UF/IFAS Steve Sargent)
  • Installing components of the automated irrigation system and training on its use and care. — in Haiti.
  • The U.S. Ambassador to Haiti visiting with UF faculty and administrators at the UF Public Health Laboratory in Gressier, Haiti, January 2013.
  • Joubert Fayette and Jeff Jones in the field exchanging information with farmers and Freud Lucas, WINNER.
  • Waste management capstone team categorized and sorted about 2,000 lbs of marketplace waste in Cabaret. — in Haiti.
  • Demonstration of urea briquette production in Bas-Boen — in Haiti.
  • Bucket drip irrigation. (Foreground: green house foundations) — in Haiti.
  • The first cohort of Tanzanians August 2011 (Lto R: Stanley, Lillian, Asma)
  • Dr. Sterns, Nyirenda, Nkana, Dr. Weldon, Kamwana, Thindwa, Dr. VanSickle, Jasi-Soko
  • Bunda campus-Dr. Weldon, Kamwana, Dr. VanSickle
  • Mpoki Shimwela posing with the gator statue on his first day at UF
  • Mpoki Shimwela, 2nd cohort from Tanzania, 8/2012
  • Mayra, BK and the delegation from Manabi University, Ecuadro meeting to discuss a Co-Operative agrement.
  • IFAS Global's First International Students Appreciation Picnic- Lake Wauburg Sep 2012
  • Appreciation Picnic- Lake Wauburg Sep 2012
  • Mayra at the International Students Appreciation Picnic- Lake Wauburg Sep 2012
  • Shary at the International Students Appreciation picnic 8/2012
  • Haitian students at the International Students Appreciation Picnic 9/2012
  • Ghanaians Issah and Lynda at the Florida Agriculture Expo
  • Lynda and Issah getting their US cell phones on their first day at UF
  • Dr Sargent and Issah Sugri
  • Issah at the Florida Ag Expo 2012
  • Lynda, Dr. Sargent and Issah
  • Lynda conducting research on bananas
  • Marilyn and Jenn with the Borlaug Scholars from the Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  • Issah from Ghana collecting data from his tomatoes
  • Borlaug Fellows from the Ukraine and Kazakhstan at Tampa
  • Director General of FAO, Dr. Graziano, meets with President of Gyana and LEad Head of Govenment for Agriculture, Mr. Ronald Ramoutar

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