Climate Smart Solutions

We develop science-based tools and applications to enable farmers to use weather data to plan and make decisions to reduce climate-related risks associated with agricultural production.

Weather Stations

This program is designed to provide effective decision support for climate risk management in the Haitian agricultural sector. We are seeking to bring users and producers of climate information together to generate information and decision-tools that will inform and facilitate both planning and operational decisions on the farm by reducing climate-related risks. As a first step in this process, low costs wireless weather stations are being installed at local agricultural research centers (CRDDs) in the study area to provide researchers and agronomists with reliable in-country data.

7.14.17 Press Release: Weather Station Workshop on Installation_ENGLISH

7.14.17 Press Release: Station Météorologique l'installation_ Francaise

Le National article: Techniciens Haitiens Formes Installation Entretien De Stations Meteorologiques


Weather Station Workshop Resources

Weather Station Installation Session 2- July 17-21, 2017

Recap Video


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