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Ramadhani Majubwa, PhD

UF has great faculty that are focused on mentoring young scientists.

The research had two components, UF and Tanzania research components.

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Research Title

Studies in Mandarin (Citrus reticulata Blanco) Fruit Quality: Response of Three Cold-hardy, Seedless Cultivars to Rootstock and Degreening Temperatures in Florida, and Current Harvesting and Handling Practices to Reduce Postharvest Losses along the Value Chain in Tanzania

Research Description

The research had two components, UF and Tanzania research components. The UF component was looking on the response of three cold-hardy seedless mandarin cultivars (UFGlow, UFSunrise, and UFDawn) to rootstocks (HRS 812, Rich trifoliate, Carrizo citrange, and Sun Chu Sha) and degreening temperatures (20, 25, and 29 oC) on mandarin fruit quality. The Tanzanian component aimed at evaluating the current and potential harvesting (Pick drop, Cutting pole and Ladder plus Bag) and handling practices (particularly Bamboo basket, Bulk on truck and Stackable plastic crates field packaging methods) on reducing postharvest losses of mandarin fruits along the value chain in Tanzania (Refer appendix 1 for the abstract of the studies).

My Experience at the Univerisity of Florida

  • University of Florida (UF) has been a great and right place for what I intended to accomplish in my PhD program.
  • UF has great faculty that are focused on mentoring young scientists.
  • Compared to my previous experience in horticultural sciences, UF has been more advance in imparting recent practical skills and knowledge on postharvest and horticulture in general. University of Florida postharvest laboratory had the necessary facilities I needed to accomplish my doctoral research, which would probably be not possible elsewhere in Tanzania.
  • I would like to thank UF/IFAS-Global for coordinating and making all these happen through the generous support of iAGRI project/USAID.

How I am using what I learned and experienced at UF in my present employment

I am now serving as a Lecture in the Department of Crop Science and Horticulture at SUA, Tanzania with major responsibilities of teaching, research, outreach and consultancy in Horticultural Sciences (particularly, Postharvest). The knowledge and skill, I got at UF has been very appropriate to make me authority and a mentor for other young scientists in the field of horticulture.